Gardening Tips

If you’re planning to do some gardening over the Bank Holiday weekend, here’s a few ideas to keep you limber and on tip-top form! Back-Friendly Gardening Most gardening-related problems result from too long spent bent double.  Try these ideas instead: Use long-handled tools, and get them to do the reaching for you. Try a garden kneeler – Continue reading »

Stretching for Health

Stretching Study Those of you who enjoy the BBC’s factual programmes have probably come across “Trust Me, I’m a Doctor”, a show that looks at health issues.  One that caught my eye recently was about stretching.  A study was carried out by a team at Wolverhampton University.  They looked at what happens in our bodies when our Continue reading »

Special Offer for Osteopathic Healthcare Week!

What’s it about? April 17-23 marks International Osteopathic Healthcare Week, aimed at raising awareness of how osteopathic treatment can be of benefit to your health.  Identifying and treating areas of your body under stress from posture and day-to-day habits can prevent pain and problems further down the line.  It may be that your work set-up Continue reading »

What can I do for my arthritic knees?

Lots of people see osteoarthritis as a sentence to permanent pain and disability – but there are things you can do to manage your symptoms.  Here’s some ideas: Exercise, exercise, exercise!  Not always what you feel like doing when your knees are aching, but it’s so important.  Here are some reasons why: stronger muscles mean better support for Continue reading »

“I think it’s SCIATICA!”

Is your back killing you?  Are you struggling to stand up straight?  Do you feel like your legs can’t take your weight?  Has someone told you that you have the dreaded “sciatica”? I hear this a lot.  A sudden bout of crippling low back pain can be frightening, and there’s some kind of comfort in Continue reading »

Learning my own lessons…

I was out running at the weekend on some woodland paths, and my heel turned awkwardly on a tree root.  The pain wasn’t severe, but it was enough to cause me to stop and assess whether I could carry on.  I limped gingerly for a short distance, the pain eased, I carried on running.  Wrong move. Over Continue reading »

Shopping Trolley Syndrome (or Spinal Stenosis)

Some of my older clients sometimes describe to me how their legs get really achy, heavy, and sometimes tingly or numb when they’re out walking.  One lady was recently describing this to me, and commented “Funny thing is, I can shop for hours in the supermarket with no problem!”  This is a situation called “neurogenic Continue reading »