World Arthritis Day

Today, 12 October 2015, is World Arthritis Day!  Did you know that…. there are more than 200 different “rheumatic” (or musculoskeletal diseases), including osteoarthritis, rheumatoid arthritis and osteoporosis? Rheumatic disease will affect more that one-third of people at some point in their lives? Arthritis can affect people of any age – it’s not just a disease Continue reading »

Summer ‘flu? Think Lyme Disease

At this time of year, if I have a client come into clinic with aches and feeling generally unwell – they usually think it’s a bout of the summer ‘flu, and often they’re right.  But if someone’s suffering with aching joints, feverishness, fatigue, nausea, maybe odd tingling or numb sensations – and especially if they’ve been out and about walking in Continue reading »

Anyone for tennis (elbow)?

Murray-mania has inspired thousands to take up their dusty rackets and head to the local court. This is a good thing. Tennis is a fantastic, whole-body, highly aerobic workout, and is competitive – so keeping those with gym-fatigue from getting bored.  Many new or returning tennis enthusiasts, however, will find their passion cooled by a bout of Continue reading »


The Met Office has declared a rare Level 3 warning for heat this week, with temperatures expected to peak this Wednesday.  A Level 3 warning is issued when there is a 90% or greater chance of heat significant enough to affect health for a period of at least two days.  Vulnerable groups are at risk and Continue reading »

Strenuous exercise – as bad as no exercise?

There have been headlines the media in the last week reporting on research that concluded there may be an upper limit to the level of exercise that should be considered “safe”.  The Danish study looked at 1,098 healthy joggers and 3,950 healthy non-joggers over a period of 12 years.  The joggers were classified as “light”, Continue reading »

Heel Pain

  This prickly problem has cropped up several times in the past few weeks in my clinic, so I thought it’s high time to address the issue!  Heel pain can turn up “out of the blue”, and likes to hang around, given the chance.  When I refer to “heel” pain, I’m really talking about pain Continue reading »

Caring for the Carers

Back Care Awareness Week is nearly upon us (October 7-11) and this year, the campaign is “Caring for Carers”….and what more deserving population could there be than the 6.5 million people in the UK who go about this largely unrecognised, unrelenting, and unpaid work so crucial to our society and our economy (they save us Continue reading »

Gameboy Back

You may have heard of this phenomenon in the headlines in the last week or so.  A study printed in a Dutch medical journal suggests that children and teens are suffering from back problems at a rate unheard of since the days of child labour in factories.  The problem, according to the researchers, is that Continue reading »