Festival fears…

If festivals are your thing, but you find camping a headache (or, perhaps, backache) and your budget just won’t stretch to the Glamping Field, now’s the time to look out for some comfort camping options.  If your car is doing the load-lugging, go for a camping cot (with legs) or a luxurious airbed (make sure Continue reading »

Sunshine Vitamin (but not Sunburn Vitamin)

There’s a lot in the health press recently about the importance of Vitamin D, and how we poor souls in the cloudy northern hemisphere just don’t get enough of it.  However, now we are seeing some sun, don’t be tempted to overdo your Vit D top-up and risk sunburn.  A recent study by Antony Young, Continue reading »

Pillow pains

Pillows  – a simple invention designed to increase comfort, you might think.  So why do so many people have such trouble finding one that works for them?  They’re often cited as the source of neck and shoulder problems, headaches – let alone the sleeplessness that makes all discomfort worse anyway!  Unfortunately, there’s no “one size Continue reading »