The sun is shining, the children are smeared with a mixture of sun-cream and ice lolly gloop, the smallest one is covered in grass cuttings from falling on the newly mown lawn.  And the new trampoline is waiting to keep A&E busy, and to provide me with opportunity to use some terrible jokes.   Trampolines Continue reading »

Balance your Exercise!

Do you wear a pedometer?  Always aiming for that daily goal of ten thousand steps?  Having an exercise goal is a great way to motivate yourself, and anything that increases your activity levels is useful…… …..however…..  Did you know Public Health England have recently conducted a review of evidence and have issued new advice as Continue reading »

Lifting children

Whether the kids are your own, your grandkids, or the ones you’re minding for someone else, children can be back-breaking work.  I have no statistics for how many child-lifting injuries we see in this country, but I’d put money on it being a significant number.   So what can you do to protect yourself?  How Continue reading »

Migraine Breakthrough

There’s been some exciting news in the press this morning for migraine sufferers. Researchers at King’s College Hospital have developed a potential new treatment that looks like it has some promising results. They used antibodies to alter chemical activity in the brain – the first therapy aimed specifically at migraines. In the study, half of Continue reading »

Knee Insurance

Latest research shows that the number of people with knee osteoarthritis has doubled in the last sixty years.  You might think this is because we tend to live longer nowadays, and osteoarthritis is a “disease of aging”. The researchers at Harvard University have shown this isn’t the case. Dr Wallace from Harvard University’s Department of Human Evolutionary Biology examined more Continue reading »

Confessions of a Lazy Runner

My Sunday run was fabulous (as most of my runs are, in hindsight!  In the moment, not always so much….!)  The weather was perfect – light cloud, gentle breeze.  The terrain was a little challenging for me.  Plenty of puffing up hills (rewarded with some lovely cruising down hills).  I must confess, though, to being Continue reading »

First Aid for Backs

Ever had that situation where you’ve done something small, like bend down to tie a shoelace, or lean over the sink to brush your teeth, and BAM! Your back goes into spasm, there’s a huge amount of pain, you feel like something’s going to snap, perhaps you even collapse on the floor…? It’s terrifying, isn’t Continue reading »