Coronavirus Statement

We’re all concerned about coronavirus, and we all want to do our bit to prevent the spread of infection.  This is especially true in a healthcare setting where some patients may be in the “higher risk” category, and where there can be close physical contact.  To that end, I’m following guidelines in accordance with current advice.  This includes:

  • Washing all linens using an antimicrobial cleanser.
  • Disinfecting hard surfaces, such as chairs, tables and door handles – both in between patient appointments and at the end of the day.
  • Washing hands, washing hands, washing hands! (although I do this anyway!)

I will be regularly monitoring for updates in advice from Public Health England, the NHS and the General Osteopathic Council.

If anyone has an appointment booked and has any signs of respiratory infection, however mild, please do cancel your appointment.  There will be no late cancellation charges during this period of uncertainty.  Likewise, if you have recently travelled to high-risk areas, whether you have symptoms or not, please refrain from attending clinic so as not to put vulnerable patients at risk.

If I have to close the clinic for a period of time, I will notify all booked patients by phone, text or email, and update here on the website to reflect the situation.

Have a problem and can’t attend clinic?  I’m happy to offer email advice where I can – get in touch to find out more.



Government Guidance for the Public on COVID-19