Low Back Pain? Study shows that osteopathy helps!

In the largest investigation of osteopathy to date, treatment has been shown to provide pain relief for those suffering from chronic low back pain.Β  The research, published in the Annals of Family Medicine, supports the safety and efficacy of osteopathic treatment, and demonstrates reduction in the use of prescription drugs. Click for a link to Continue reading »

Are you waking up feeling stiff and achy?

I’ve seen several people lately who have complained of feeling achy when they first get up in the morning. There can be a number of factors causing morning aches and pains, but an easy one to check out if you’re suffering is…. the state of your mattress! When you’re sleeping, your muscles are relaxed, meaning Continue reading »

We’ve joined Facebook!

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Diana to run 10k for Parkinson’s UK!

I grudgingly took up running a couple of years ago at the behest of a friend, and to my surprise, found I actually enjoy it! I now try to run three or four times a week – easier now we have some spring sunshine… I regularly treat someone who has Parkinson’s disease and have learned Continue reading »

Neck Pain

Research published earlier this year found that a course of manipulation and stretching exercises are more effective than medication to relieve neck pain. Β People who had received manual therapy reported improved levels of pain compared to those treated with medication by the end of 12 weeks of treatment and one year later. Click for a Continue reading »