Knee Insurance

Latest research shows that the number of people with knee osteoarthritis has doubled in the last sixty years.  You might think this is because we tend to live longer nowadays, and osteoarthritis is a “disease of aging”. The researchers at Harvard University have shown this isn’t the case. Dr Wallace from Harvard University’s Department of Human Evolutionary Biology examined more Continue reading »

Joints cracking? Fear not!

Ever been worried about those cracking noises coming from your joints when you move?  Concerned that “overuse” is going to lead to “wear and tear”?  Think that osteoarthritis is an inevitable result of getting older? Let me ease your fears!   There’s NO evidence that exercise wears out your joints One study, conducted at Stanford Continue reading »

Gardening Tips

If you’re planning to do some gardening over the Bank Holiday weekend, here’s a few ideas to keep you limber and on tip-top form! Back-Friendly Gardening Most gardening-related problems result from too long spent bent double.  Try these ideas instead: Use long-handled tools, and get them to do the reaching for you. Try a garden kneeler – Continue reading »