How Alice took action to deal with her neck and shoulder pain

Alice had had aching and tension in her upper back, neck and shoulder for quite some time.  It wasn’t severe pain, but it was persistent – almost always with her.  She put up with it, thinking it would eventually sort out on its own, but really she began to forget what it was like to be without Continue reading »

Love Your Chair

If you work in at a desk, it’s really worth getting to know your chair.  Most good office chairs have plenty of adjustment options, but many of us never bother to use them fully.  The era of “hot-desking” hasn’t helped that situation.  Sitting in a badly-fitting chair for a few hours may make you feel Continue reading »

Wallet Syndrome – or Why Being Rich May Be Harmful to your Health

Ok, so wealth in itself may not be detrimental, but it depends how you carry all that wealth!  If it’s stashed in a wallet, along with some credit cards, a driver’s license, a few receipts…and you stow the whole thing in your back pocket, you could be in for a few problems. What’s Wallet Syndrome? Continue reading »

Pillow pains

Pillows  – a simple invention designed to increase comfort, you might think.  So why do so many people have such trouble finding one that works for them?  They’re often cited as the source of neck and shoulder problems, headaches – let alone the sleeplessness that makes all discomfort worse anyway!  Unfortunately, there’s no “one size Continue reading »