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Feel at your best with osteopathic healthcare

Feel at your best with osteopathic healthcare

April 17-23 marks International Osteopathic Healthcare Week, aimed at raising awareness of how osteopathic treatment can be of benefit to your health.  Identifying and treating areas of your body under stress from posture and day-to-day habits can prevent pain and problems further down the line.  It may be that your work set-up is causing neck strain and leading to headaches, or your tendency to sit in a particular way is contributing to that niggling backache or sciatica.  It’s a wonderful part of my job to be able to offer ideas for small changes that can make a big difference to the way someone feels on a daily basis!

This week’s offer

If you have any concerns about how your body might be affected by your daily life, or just want a check-over, take advantage of this week’s offer:  £15 for a 20-minute assessment of your posture and movement with advice on what you can do to help.  If you’d like follow-up treatment, a full session booked at the time of your initial visit and taken within one month will cost you only £30!

These sessions are subject to availability, so don’t miss out – call now!

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