Did you know that the three main reasons for early retirement due to ill-health are chronic pain, arthritis and mental illness? (1) These issues are poorly-resourced within the Health Service, and can have a big impact on the quality of your retirement. Pain can lead to avoidance of physical activity, and this often means social isolation, loss of engagement with the community, and loneliness.

The very best thing you can do to avoid this negative spiral is stay active. Don’t be afraid that movement and activity are going to worsen your condition – “hurt” does not equal “harm” in cases of chronic pain. There are many easy and simple exercises you can do even with severe arthritis, and plenty of exercise classes designed with arthritis in mind.

Gentle massage and joint mobilisation from a qualified therapist can ease the burden of arthritic pain and improve your quality of life, helping you carry on enjoying the activities you love.

So…stay active, stay engaged, and stay happy!


  1. The Guardian – How to have a long and healthy retirement.  15 May 2017


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