If festivals are your thing, but you find camping a headache (or, perhaps, backache) and your budget just won’t stretch to the Glamping Field, now’s the time to look out for some comfort camping options.  If your car is doing the load-lugging, go for a camping cot (with legs) or a luxurious airbed (make sure the pump has a power source!).  If you need to haul your stuff across a few acres of rough land, however, a smaller option might suit you better.  A self-inflating mat  is a great comfort / weight compromise – try the Airic Dozer from Alpkit.com.  Or, for the more “cot” experience, try LuxuryLite’s Ultralite Cot – very light and sturdy, just don’t wait till bedtime to try putting it up for the first time….!


inside a large luxurious tent

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