Are you having to work from home for the first time? Finding it hard to stay focused? You’re not alone! Check out these tips:

1 – Get dressed every morning as if you’re going to work. This will help put you in the right frame of mind for the day ahead.

2 – Stay hydrated through the day. Keep a water bottle on hand and refill it at lunchtime. Add some lemon slices or mint for a bit of flavour.

3 – Prepare your food in advance to avoid procrastinating in front of the fridge at lunchtime. Set out healthy snacks as well to avoid succumbing to the biscuit tin.

4 – Find a proper workspace – a room or just a corner of your own. Try and set up your desk or laptop so you can sit comfortably and well-supported.

5 – Working at home can feel isolating, so stay in touch with colleagues using video-conferencing technology such as Zoom.

6 – You still need to exercise – build this into your day, especially if you’re used to walking or biking to work. Fit in some time for a home workout – there’s plenty of options online.

7 – Take regular breaks. Don’t sit at your workspace, but use the time to stretch your legs and get some fresh air if you can.

8 – Maintain a regular routine for your day. This will help you avoid distractions and stay the distance till “home time”!