Ok, so wealth in itself may not be detrimental, but it depends how you carry all that wealth!  If it’s stashed in a wallet, along with some credit cards, a driver’s license, a few receipts…and you stow the whole thing in your back pocket, you could be in for a few problems.

What’s Wallet Syndrome?

Men who come into the clinic with low back and leg pain are constantly amazed by the suggestion that it may be to do with their wallet.  The thing is, if you sit with a chunky wallet in your back pocket, you’re effectively causing a wedge that your body has to compensate for.

A wallet under your hip alters your spinal curves

You can see how the pelvis is forced to tilt, meaning the spine curves to bring you upright again.  This can cause muscle tightness and shortening, and pressure on discs and nerves in the spine.  It may even bring on headaches as your neck curves to make sure your eyes are aligned levelly.  Plus the direct pressure of the wallet on the buttock means you could suffer pain or pins and needles in the leg and foot.  This is because the sciatic nerve runs out of the low back and right through the buttock, and it can get compressed between your chunky wallet on one side, and the bone of your hip on the other.

Your body can cope with a lot and it might be a while before symptoms start to show up.  Gradually, the structure of your body adapts to its new position, and takes on long-term changes.  In this case, you might need some help getting it sorted out.  So don’t delay – make sure you get into the habit of emptying your back pockets before you sit down.  You might be preventing problems building up before they start!