Pillows  – a simple invention designed to increase comfort, you might think.  So why do so many people have such trouble finding one that works for them?  They’re often cited as the source of neck and shoulder problems, headaches – let alone the sleeplessness that makes all discomfort worse anyway!  Unfortunately, there’s no “one size fits all”, here.  What’s good for the goose (-feather)…  You can spend a small fortune on orthopaedic, expert-tested pillows, but what it comes down to is finding something that provides enough support to keep your neck in a neutral position whilst you’re sleeping, and is the right firmness for you.  Many people, and mostly women, have quite mobile neck joints and find the firm feel of some pillows provides too much pressure, making them achy come the morning.  It’s all about experimentation, and sometimes the best option is the cheap one.  A really basic pillow, folded in half, with the fold tucked in to your neck, can sometimes prove to be  just the right support-softness balance. 

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  1. PenningtonOsteo on July 26, 2013 at 10:33 am

    Follow-up – I’ve just sourced an interesting pillow option from an Australian company that looks highly customizable for different body shapes and requirements. I’ll be testing out with clients in the clinic in the coming weeks, so I’ll keep you updated on the feedback I get!

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