We all have to be prepared to take sensible precautions in these unprecedented times, whether that means self-isolation or simply avoiding public spaces for a while.  Having our freedom curbed may be better for our community’s physical wellbeing, but it can take a toll on our mental wellbeing.

If you’re facing “coronavirus house arrest”, here are a few tips for staying sane.


It’s as important for mental health as for physical health, so keep up with some daily activity if you’re feeling well enough. If the weather’s decent and you have some outdoor space, get some fresh air into the bargain.  There’s plenty of online workouts, from weights to yoga, so take the opportunity to try something new.


If you’re trying to keep kids entertained, there are loads of ideas out there for home-based activities.  You’ll need a break from each other sometimes too, so don’t feel bad about allowing a certain amount of screen time.  Looking for inspiration?  Try these resources:

Get cultured!

A good number of museums and art galleries have virtual tours for you to explore, such as this one from the National Gallery.


Take the time to acquire a new skill.  Try one of these ideas:

    • Learn a language. There are a lot of resources on the web, many of which are free (such as this one), or if not, they often have a free trial before you need to stump up any cash!
    • Still typing with two fingers?  Try learning to touch type!
    • Learn to bake some showstoppers! There’s tons of baking video tutorials on YouTube, such as this one on layer cakes – yum yum!

Stay in touch!

You may not be able to visit grandparents or meet for coffee, but technology is great at giving us ways to talk.  Try Skype, FaceTime or Facebook Messenger for video chats, or start a WhatsApp group for your friends or family.


…If you’re on your own and struggling, there will be groups in your community only too happy to help.  Look on Facebook for local community groups (just type the name of your town or area in the Facebook search box and see what comes up).  Look for local Age UK groups if that’s appropriate to you, or try a local church – there’s a good chance there’s help out there just waiting for you to connect!